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Stod Fold is uniquely located on the edge of the moors and has been inhabited for over 500 years. There is a wonderful sense of quiet permanence to the place. The beautifully rugged surrounding Bronte Country, provides a real sense of peace and seclusion. Today The Stod Fold Brewing Company gives a nod to this history whilst looking to the future.

Nestled on the edge of the Pennines, we combine the finest ingredients, traditional techniques, cutting-edge equipment and modern expertise to craft exceptional ales and lagers. The brewery may be anciently housed, but enter, and you will find them combining the finest ingredients and traditional techniques with state of the art equipment and modern expertise to craft ales and lagers of exceptional quality.

Paul and Angus, the founding partners, have come together to create a selection of ales that provides a genuine balance of old and new. All our beers are all crafted using cutting edge techniques and equipment to ensure flawless quality, consistency and great depth of taste. There were really only three things on the agenda: Quality, Quality, and Quality.

They designed and built the brewery themselves and decided very early that they would never compromise on anything that could possibly affect the quality of their beer or the flexibility of their processes and equipment. A fully integrated, bespoke, computer controlled, state of the art, oversized, 10 brewers barrel plant was born.  All this shiny stuff affords resident expert, brewer and microbiologist, Dr. Paul Harris the luxury of far greater control than your average brewery! Allowing them to achieve their goal of setting new standards in consistency and pushing the boundaries of just what can be achieved with 21st century kit and know how.


If you are looking for traditional, timeless Yorkshire ale with refreshing flavours, then we would suggest Stod Fold Gold or Amber. If you are feeling more adventurous, perhaps the Stod Fold Blonde or Pils are for you.